Webdevelopment & Webdesign

The projects I have worked on have varied from really small 1-man projects up to big 100-men projects and have been for clients such as Achmea, MrNosey, ePGB,  Blue Umbrella, Arhk, Nederlandse Tuinenstichting, Fepsy and Nutcracker, amongst others.

Jet van Helbergen

  • Screenshot of jetvanhelbergen.nl


This small website is my first implementation on the Yii PHP framework and Bootstrap CSS framework. It boasts a responsive design makes nice use of Rich Snippets. Though currently a little bland there are plans in the works for interesting HTML5 experiments.

D.E.R.M. Surfing Society

derm.nl – Main site (now renewed)
reunisten.derm.nl – Alumni site (discontinued)
lustrum.derm.nl – Lustrum celebration site (discontinued)

During my student life I managed the website committee for my student society for more than two years. We had multiple projects running during this time on various platforms. First and foremost the maintenance and development of the main site where we expanded forum functionalities and built a polling system. Secondarily, we built the alumni website from scratch on the XMendes Application Framework.  There were also side projects for (temporary) websites such as the promotional website for the society’s lustrum celebrations.

  • Reunisten DERM - Design

Nederlandse Tuinenstichting Dutch Garden Foundation

  • NTs - moodboard
tuinenstichting.nl – (now renewed)

Based on the XMendes Application Framework I built a CMS which enabled the NTs to maintain their own webpages and blog together with the visual design, which was made to match their paper-published guide. Through a special module in the system, all external members of the foundation were able to input data about their parks and gardens. This data could then be exported for use in their annual guidebook. The website was iteratively improved over the four years that it was live, based on user feedback.

FEPSY The Psychology Company


For this project I made the visual design based on work done by another marketing company. The website was made as a simple flat HTML site because we expected very little maintenance.

  • Fepsy - Home
  • Fepsy - Features


  • Nutcracker - Design

For this client I made the initial visual design for the website and designed the information architecture for them.