Scientific Work

Master Thesis

Interface Insured – Defining User Interfaces in the Insurance Sector (pdf, 6.8 MB)

The goals of this research were to formalise a method for extracting User Interface Design patterns and fi nding and evaluating these in online insurance applications. This is interesting because the fi eld of User Interface Design patterns is still young and there are still many patterns to document. Moreover the world of insurance is usually quite closed-o ff because companies are very protective of their trade secrets. Because of this, not much is known about insurance software implementations as most of them are custom-made.

Bachelor Thesis

Half-Live – Modding Half-Life 2 to make a VJ Tool (pdf, 7.3 MB)

During a VJ performance the VJ generally attempts to heighten the musical experience of the party go-ers with the aid of visuals. Until now VJs have used 2-D video clips and images to accomplish this. Modding culture in the gaming world is becoming evermore consolidated. The boundaries between mods and commercial games for the end user is blurring. Meanwhile the Machinima culture is blooming. Machinima makers have always used game engines to make recorded animation movies but there has not been an attempt to do this in a live environment. In this paper we describe our experiences whilst building a tool, Half Live, which unites these cultures and is attempt to create live 3-D visuals for use in VJ performance. The clash between the requirements for the tool and the characteristics of the diļ¬€erent cultures have interesting implications for the implementation of the tool.