About Me

So What do I do?

I am a UX Designer currently based in Berlin. I’m a Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam alumnus with an M.Sc. in Human Computer Interaction (Information Science: Multimedia and Culture). With an international background and great interest in workflows and the structuring of information, I am keen on designing interaction in that works for the target persona.

Currently I work at Brandwatch in Berlin, where I work on the Analytics web app and take care of the various facets of (user)research and strategies around upgrading the frontend design and development process. Previously, I worked for deltamethod and on the Search Quality Evaluation team for Google in Dublin, where I did UX and front end development on the tools team.

Being a bit of a process geek I like to focus on strategic UX work; guiding the design thinking processes and fitting that into Agile environments. I have a strong background in web development and frontend design, having done full-stack development and progressing to more pure frontend things for various clients and employers. In the past I have also done a lot of desktop publishing things, creating textiles prints, posters, flyers and even books.

Other than that I’m an avid (wind-/kite-/everything-)surfer, skateboarder and snowboarder getting an adrenaline fix whenever I get the chance.

Get in Touch

If you would like to, you can email me or check out any of my social profiles.

allard [at] vanhelbergen.com